Companies Product, Manufacturers, Businessmen, Professionals, Consultants, can put their HOMEPAGE on the Internet with very nominal charges per year.


Economy Web......100 MB...Rs.1000/= or $ 25.00 per year Bussiness Web.....500 MB...Rs.1500/= or $ 35.00 per year 1 GB........Rs.2500/= or $ 55.00 per year Corporate Web....Unlimited...Rs.5000/= or $ 110.00 per year

VIRTUAL SERVER For virtual Server One time Setup Fee Rs. 3000/= or $ 75.00

WEB DESIGNING Average charges for web designing Rs.500/= or $ 15.00 to... Rs.1000/= or $ 25.00 depends upon the work

SITE LISTING TO SEARCH ENGINE When we design & host your site, we also least the site in average 10--15 search engine free of charge, with our technical support, where to put ? how to put ?

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